The easiest way to get to us is through the city of Zitácuaro (pronounced zee TAK war o), which is on the very eastern edge of the state of Michoacán.  Zitácuaro is about two hours from both Mexico City and Toluca, three hours from Morelia and four to five hours from San Miguel de Allende. Once you get to Zitácuaro, we are 30 minutes or 17 km away in the village of Macheros in the State of Mexico. Macheros is an hour and a half away from Valle de Bravo. Click on the relevant link below for details:

From Mexico City or Morelia By Public Transport
How to Catch a Taxi from Zitácuaro
Driving Directions from Zitácuaro
Have Us Arrange a Ride for You from Mexico City
From San Miguel de Allende
From Valle de Bravo 

From Mexico City or Morelia By Public Transport. Go green, take the bus! Buses are generally comfy, safe and efficient in Mexico.  Service here is usually far superior to what you will find in the rest of North America. Even though there is not very extensive information about their schedules posted online, most bus lines run all day and on holidays.

If you are coming from the Mexico City airport or elsewhere in the city, take a taxi or the metro to the Observatorio terminal, also known as Poniente (it’s at the end of the pink metro line). Buy a “directo” ticket to Zitácuaro with a company called La Linea. Their desk is across from the restaurant/snack bar area. They take credit cards. Buses leave every hour during the week and every half hour on weekends. They run from 4 am til 10 pm. The ride takes about two and a half hours.  As of December 2017, a one-way ticket costs about 260 MXN.

In Morelia, buses for Zitácuaro leave Terminal B in the center of the main bus terminal every half hour all day long with a company called Alegra. This bus is not a “directo,” so expect the ride to take at least 3 hours. 

How to Catch a Taxi from Zitácuaro. When you arrive at the bus terminal in Zitácuaro, walk outside the main entrance to the queue of authorized taxis. You do not need to check in at the authorized taxi window ; they only sell tickets for transport within Zitácuaro. You need to ask the next driver in the line to take you to Macheros (pronounced Mah CHAIR os) in the State of Mexico. The fare should not be more than 300 MXN. For people concerned about not having enough Spanish to manage this interaction, we have created this “ticket” that you can print out and show to your driver. It includes directions in Spanish and the suggested price. The drive to Macheros takes about 30 minutes. We are in the center of town to the left of the church in the white three story building. 

Alternate Transport. For the budget traveler, there is also a public transportation service called a combi (a refitted VW bus) that can take you part of the way to our place. Exit the bus station and cross the street. The combis leave from the street that is to the left of the large supermarket in front of you. Take one that goes to Aputzio de Juarez  get off at La Piedra. La Piedra is the on the border of the state of Mexico, where the combis are not authorized to operate. There are usually taxis waiting here if you arrive before dark: take one to Macheros from there. Note that if you are traveling solo, the taxis won’t leave until they have another fare. Also note that the taxi drivers call it a day by sunset, so plan your travels accordingly. 

Driving Directions from Zitácuaro. A word of caution: People who try to drive to us after dark tend to get lost. Please do your driving during daylight hours when landmarks are visible. Thanks to the 19 speed bumps and numerous pot holes you must negotiate on this journey, this 10.4-mile trip usually takes half an hour.

1. In Zitácuaro, find the rotunda with a fountain with a statue of woman with a basket on her head. This landmark is called la Mujer Mazahua. It’s on Avenida la Revolución, the main drag that runs through Zitácuaro. She is flanked by Pemex gas stations on either side. If you are coming from the direction of Morelia and have already passed through downtown Zitácuaro, make a right at this rotunda. If you are headed in from the direction of Mexico City and have yet to enter downtown, you will be making a left. The road you are looking for is called la Carretera a Apuztio de Juarez (although there is no signage that says so until you’re already on it). You will see signage for Aputzio and Copandaro once you are on the road. 
First, find the rotunda with the woman with a basket on her head.
First, find the rotunda with the woman with a basket on her head.
Leave town from here, heading into the mountains.
This is the road you’re looking for.  Leave town from here, heading into the mountains.

2. Continue straight on this road. You will see signs for the small communities of El Aguacate and Silba de Abajo. Watch out for potholes and speed bumps.

When the road forks, make a left.
When the road forks after about 9 km, make a left.

3. After 9 km, the road will fork where there is a two-story blue and white police substation. This location is called La Piedra or La Colonia: Go left here.

4. Stay on this winding road another 6 km. If your GPS tries to send you to the left where the road forks, ignore it: stay right on the paved road. You do not need to go off road to reach us. If you have stayed on the right road, you will pass through  a community called Llano Redondo. When the road curves sharply to the right and there are signs that say PARADOR, make a left and pass under the white archway that says MACHEROS. If you see the El Capulin entry to the butterfly reserve, you have gone too far.

Approaching the turn off to Macheros.
Approaching the turn off to Macheros.
Make a left.
Make a left when you see the signs for Macheros and Cerro Pelon.
And drive under the arch that says Macheros.
And drive under the white arch that says Macheros.

5. In Macheros, keep going straight. When you see the church in the middle of town, make a left. We are in the three-story white house that is across the street from the church, right before the pavement ends.

Make a left at the church.
Make a left at the church.
We are ion the two story white house across the street from the church.
We are in the three story white house across the street from the church (updated photos coming soon).

6. Our GPS coordinates are 19° 21’ 47.1” and -100° 17’ 31.0” But be warned, relying on GPS alone has led some visitors onto off-road adventures up the sides of mountains, otherwise known as getting lost.

Have Us Arrange a Ride for You from Mexico City. We have a trusted taxi driver we  work with to bring people to us directly from the capital. From the Benito Juarez International  Airport, Centro Historico or other centrally-located areas (like Roma or Condesa), the rate is 3,675 MXN each way per car for a sedan that can seat 3-4 passengers or 6,300 MXN each way for a van that can seat up to 10. Let us know if you would like us to arrange this service for you. We’ll need the date, location and time of your desired departure (or airline and flight # if arriving at the airport) and a contact number for you if you have one. You’ll need to pre-pay for this service via our paypal account under  Refunds are available if the ride is canceled at least two weeks prior to your pick up date.

We are not able to arrange private transport to our place from other parts of Mexico at this time.

From San Miguel de Allende 

By Public Transport 

To reach us from SMA by bus, you must transfer buses in either Mexico City or Morelia. Both journeys take up most of a day. There are more express buses running on the Mexico City route, but the journey is complicated by the fact that you must change bus terminals when you get there. San Miguel buses arrive at Terminal Norte and Zitácuaro buses leave from Terminal Poniente, or Observatorio. You can take the metro or a taxi to transfer between the two terminals. In the Observatorio terminal, take a directo with La Linea to Zitácuaro. They leave at least every hour all day long. Then catch a taxi from the terminal in Zitácuaro to Macheros.

If you decide to go through Morelia instead, there is a Primera Plus first class Morelia bus that leaves the SMA terminal at 7:30 am. You’ll get to Morelia around 11:30 am. If you miss this bus, you will need to transfer to a Morelia-bound bus in Celaya. In Morelia, walk from terminal A to terminal B (right next door) and find the Alegra counter, which runs local buses to Zitácuaro every half hour all day. This ride takes about 3 hours. Then take a taxi to Macheros from the Zitácuaro terminal.

By Private Car

By car, we are a 4.5-5 hour drive away. Drive towards Celaya and on to Apaseo el Alto and then in the direction of Jerécuaro. Enter the state of Michoacán and drive on through Maravatio, Irimbo, Ciudad Hidalgo and Tuxpan. In Zitácuaro avoid downtown and stay straight on the bypass road that eventually leads to Mexico City. You’ll pass the back of the bus terminal and a grey PGR building on your right. When you see the Domino’s Pizza on your right, make a sharp right. Now you are on Revolucion, Zitácuaro’s main drag. You will pass a school and a Pemex on your right. Right after the Pemex you will see a roundabout with a statue of a woman with a basket on her head (La Mujer Mazahua). When you reach this fountain, make a left onto the road leaving town and follow the directions above about how to reach us from Zitácuaro.

From Valle de Bravo (coming soon)