Cooking Classes

Mexican Cooking Class with Doña Rosa


Rosa’s version of mole rojo includes homemade broth, almonds, pumpkin seeds, peanuts, raisins, chocolate, and three kinds of lightly toasted chili peppers.

Joel’s mother Rosa has been running a restaurant for over ten years. People come from far and wide for her tasty homemade fare. In this class, Doña Rosa, assisted by one or more of her five daughters, explains her food philosophy and takes you step by step through the preparation of the classic Mexican dish of your choice. Regional versions of mole rojo, mole verde, and pozole are popular options, as well as any item on the restaurant menu. Chile rellenos make a good vegetarian option.

Price of $60 USD per person includes simultaneous translation to English (if so desired), all the cooking ingredients, a copy of the recipe, and a sit-down dinner served with rice and tortillas to sample the dish you prepare. Add $10 for a meal that features homegrown, free-range organic chicken. Free-range turkey priced by weight.

This activity is a good alternative if you are traveling with family members who are unable to make the steep trek up Cerro Pelon: they will have a hot meal prepared for you when you return from the mountain. Note that doing a cooking class on the same day as undertaking a butterfly tour can be logistically challenging; this activity is better combined with a less ambitious hike or horseback ride around the village.

If your class includes free-range poultry, give us a little heads up so Rosa has time to track down the plumpest fowl in the village. After its slaughter that morning (your participation is optional but welcome), it will take several hours to stew the broth for a mole or pozole dish. Once we start cooking in earnest, meal preparation may take several hours.