Artist Retreat

A Room with a View

Available March 21-October 31

Looking for a boost to finish a creative project? A little time out of time where your needs are taken care of so you can concentrate on your art, music or writing? We offer a rustic yet comfortable setting without the usual distractions: no meals to prepare, no dishes to wash, no house to clean, no TVs to watch, no phone or email to answer. Instead, you will have the time and peace and quiet you need to devote yourself to a creative project. You’ll also have beautiful mountain vistas to gaze at while you think, and lovely hiking trails to explore once you’ve finished working for the day. And we’re only 2.5 hours away from the thriving arts scene of Mexico City.

This package includes your room/workspace. You will need to bring all necessary materials along with you. Meals are separate at Dona Rosa’s next door. Pricing: $350 usd for 7 days or less; $700 usd for 14 days or less, and $1000 usd for 30 days or less.

To apply, email with your intended dates and a brief description of your project. A 50% deposit is due upon acceptance.