Our bed and breakfast by the Mexico Cerro Pelon Reserve combines comfortable private accommodations in rooms with incredible views with as much homestay experience as you want. All your meals are prepared and eaten next door, where there is always something cooking on the wood-burning stove in the heart of the house of a large, multi-generational Mexican family.

When you stay with us you can lounge on our lawn and watch the sunset, go bird watching, ride horses, relax in front of a fire, stroll around the village, hike in the adjoining forest, catch trout, learn how to make Mexican food, and stargaze from our rooftop at night. In short, you’ll get to have a firsthand experience of small town life in an ejido in rural Mexico. But the main reason to come see us is because we are located less than 5 minutes from the entrance of the CERRO PELON MONARCH BUTTERFLY SANCTUARY, the end point of these magnificent creatures’ phenomenal yearly migration from Canada to Mexico.

In the fall the entire North American monarch butterfly population that lives east of the Rockies starts a 3,000 mile journey to a small area of high altitude tropical forests in Mexico’s Sierra Madre mountain range. Millions of them return to the same trees in the same forest every year, even though three generations have passed since the last season.

Every visit to see the butterflies is different. If it’s chilly or rainy the butterflies cluster in the horsetrees. At first the backs of their wings look like dead leaves and it takes a moment to realize you’re looking at thousands of butterflies. Other times when the sun hits them they take to the air all at once in impressive explosions. After mating season in February the forest floor is covered in a carpet of dead butterflies, most of them males who have already served their purpose. It’s macabre but beautiful. When the butterflies take to the air the forest fills with the sound of their wings. It takes a moment to realize the sound you’re hearing is thousands of flapping wings and not running water. When the butterflies are on the move they fly en masse through the valleys in an orange river.

Some people cry when they see the butterflies. Others meditate in the forest beneath their trees, sitting so still they end up covered in monarchs. Still others take hundreds of photographs. Whatever you do, you will have a wonderful experience.

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